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What our clients say

You guys are absolutely amazing. I could not have done any of this without everyone at Ortiz & Ortiz's help. I want to especially thank Norma, Juan and Martha for helping me through this, always keeping me up to date and answering all of my questions. Thank you so much again.
Milena U.
Thank you for the opportunity to help me solve my family's problem, and your rapid respond. I really appreciate your service!
Napoleon A.
I highly recommend Ortiz & Ortiz, LLP . Norma was exactly the person I was hoping to find when I was looking for an attorney for my bankruptcy case. She really wants to help. Through the whole process, she kept me informed, was always quick to return my emails and respond to my questions or concerns. Norma went well beyond what I expected and the reasonable fee for her services was worth every penny and more.
Holger D.
I would like to share my experience I had with my personal bankruptcy. I was experiencing a heavy barrage of harassing phone calls and letters. I didn’t know what to do. I also had fears of being labeled as a failure in society. I finally got up the nerve to call an attorney. I called many different attorneys through many different avenues. I received a few responses; but when Norma Ortiz responded she was different and to the point and was adamant to help me when I didn’t want to help myself. She continually explained all the way through the process. While being extremely reasonable with her scheduling and fees. I can say today that my life has turned around all for the better and I owe it all to Norma’s patience and understanding of the bankruptcy laws. Considering the severity of my situation; the process was smooth and extremely quick. It was over and done with before I realized. I would strongly recommend her services and consultations – it’s never too late to get a fresh start. I can’t thank her enough.
Jose G.
Facing multiple lawsuits and feeling desperate, I had trouble even getting returned phone calls from the legal referrals I had. Luckily I found an ad for Norma Ortiz and wound up with highly skilled and very responsive representation. I had huge debts and thought my case was complicated. She assured me it was not, and from filing to discharge there was not so much as a hiccup. Not only did she know what she was doing, she appeared to be quite respected by the trustee I had. She's also very responsive to questions by email, which really helps with the stresses of a bankruptcy. My case, in fact, could not have gone better. If you're reading this, you are, in fact, in a place where no one wants to be. All I can say is do not be afraid of bankruptcy-we all spend too long in debt hell. And I don't think you can find better representation.
Federico C.
Norma made it easy for me! She is simply the best and I highly recommend her. I was so scared before I filed bankruptcy. Norma was available to answer my questions, and she quickly returned all my calls. If you want an honest and good lawyer, anyone filling for bankruptcy should call her right away. Her professionalism and knowledge made the process successful, fast, and smooth. I was extremely surprised and satisfied with her service based on how affordable the attorney’s fees were for my case.
Jorge F.
Attorney Norma Ortiz is amazing to work with. I didn’t want to file bankruptcy. In fact, I held off filing for years despite knowing that I needed to do it. I wanted someone I could trust and someone who wouldn’t judge me or make me feel embarrassed. Norma was that person. She made the process simple and stress-free. I immediately felt a weigh lifted off my shoulders when I decided to go with Ortiz & Ortiz Law Firm. I knew I made a smart decision to go with Norma because she had significant bankruptcy experience and it shows when you talk to her. The best part is that Norma really cares about you and she makes sure you understand everything that’s going on. I recommend Norma to anyone looking for an absolutely great bankruptcy attorney in New York.
Herbert S.
Norma answered all of my questions right off the bat and did not hesitate to help me every step of the way. She gave me a price and stuck to it even after she realized my case was more complicated than she thought; in fact, she was more affordable than most other attorneys I contacted and I was able to make installment payments. Overall, I can not be happier and I definitely recommend Norma and her team to anyone and everyone who needs help filing bankruptcy.
Segunda C.
When I needed an attorney, Norma Ortiz was there every step of the way, managing our legal challenges with expertise, compassion and extraordinary aplomb. Not only was Norma a beacon of light in a murky world of legal mumbo-jumbo, but her positive character and objectivity kept us focused and moving forward even when circumstances seemed too tough to handle. Norma is a woman of honor, integrity, is exceptionally knowledgeable and bright, and most importantly, she genuine cares about the people she serves. My family and I are greatly indebted to Norma and could not recommend her high enough.
Jose D.
I have been a business owner for over twenty five years, and with the economic down turn and change in the technology that was used in my business, I was forced to close the business. My life was turned upside down, and resulted in havin to declare bankruptcy. I interviewed many attorneys for this difficult decision and decided to go with Norma Ortiz of Ortiz & Ortiz I can't say enough about how this was the right choice. Not only is Norma Ortiz very professional and thorough but she truly knows the ins and outs of the "bankruptcy" legal system and the understanding of the job of the Trustee. And when my anxieties rose in the face of the overwhelming legal proceedings, Norma was able to calm me down with her confidence and vast expertise and experience. I felt she truly cared
Marlen H